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Discussions on education, teaching, and learning from the perspective of the Modern Classrooms Project

About the show

Your hosts discuss the model and its implications for the future of education, along with guests including MCP implementors such as mentors, teachers, and administrators.

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  • Episode 172: Genially

    January 14th, 2024  |  48 mins 39 secs

    Zach is joined by Cat Spencer of Genially to discuss the platform and how it can be used to enhance blended materials in a modern classroom and beyond.

  • Episode 171: Resetting MCP

    January 7th, 2024  |  56 mins 40 secs

    Toni Rose is joined by Kendal Giacomini to talk about resetting a modern classroom mid-year (after a long break) and her new role at MCP.

  • Episode 170: The Role of the School Psychologist

    December 24th, 2023  |  57 mins 21 secs

    Toni Rose is joined by Cassie Johnson to discuss the role of the school psychologist.

  • Episode 169: Physically Accessible Learning Spaces

    December 17th, 2023  |  1 hr 4 mins

    Toni Rose is joined by B.A. List to talk about the importance of creating physically accessible learning environments.

  • Episode 168: Coaching for Equity

    December 10th, 2023  |  44 mins 7 secs

    Toni Rose is joined by Elena Aguilar to talk about her human-first approach to coaching.

  • Episode 167: Research and Critical Thinking

    December 3rd, 2023  |  54 mins 57 secs

    Toni Rose is joined by Perla Lujan and Mary Thomas to talk about the importance of critical thinking in the learning process, as well as innovative approaches to building the skill of critical thought in the time of social media and generative AI.

  • Episode 166: Spark Creativity

    November 26th, 2023  |  52 mins 34 secs

    Toni rose is joined by Betsy Potash to talk about how teachers can incorporate creativity and non-traditional approaches to increase student engagement and learning.

  • Episode 165: Attending Conferences

    November 19th, 2023  |  1 hr 4 mins

    Toni Rose is joined by Cecelia to talk about the benefits of attending conferences, writing proposals, and Cecelia's journey into becoming a frequent conference presenter.

  • Episode 164: The 40-Hour Work Week

    November 12th, 2023  |  57 mins 19 secs

    Toni Rose is joined by Desirae Núñez to talk about shifting mindsets around teacher workloads and ways to find balance by holding ourselves to a 40-hour work week

  • Episode 163: Using AI in the Classroom

    November 5th, 2023  |  1 hr 2 mins

    Toni Rose is joined by Joyce Pereira to discuss how AI can be used ethically and efficiently in a Modern Classroom

  • Episode 162: National Board Certification

    October 29th, 2023  |  47 mins 42 secs

    Toni Rose is joined by Eddie Santiago to discuss National Board certification for teachers and some of the programs the organization offers, as well as the process for obtaining certification, and the benefits of having being a National Board Certified Teacher

  • Episode 161: The Role of Counselors

    October 22nd, 2023  |  1 hr 1 min

    Toni Rose is joined by Livia Matteucci and Pauline Salgado to discuss their roles and their approach to their work as school counselors.

  • We're taking the week off!

    October 15th, 2023  |  1 min

    Since we have been focusing on social emotional learning these past couple of episodes, we’re taking a break this week as a way of self-care. We hope that you are finding ways to rest and celebrate your being every single day.

  • Episode 160: SEL in a Modern Classroom

    October 8th, 2023  |  28 mins 6 secs

    Monte is joined by Maddie Richer to discuss the importance of addressing students' social and emotional wellbeing and ways to implement SEL in a Modern Classroom.

  • Episode 159: Elevating Teacher Wellness

    October 1st, 2023  |  58 mins 33 secs

    Toni Rose is joined by Maya Stewart and James Edmond to discuss how school leaders can work to prioritize teacher wellness.

  • Episode 158: Automated Grading vs. Teacher Grading

    September 24th, 2023  |  29 mins 20 secs

    Monte is joined by Sarah Hower to discuss her approach to automating grading and the types of assignments that are best graded automatically versus those that are best graded by the teacher.