Dacia Guffey

Special guest

Dacia Guffey is a career Social Studies educator who has been a part of the Modern Classrooms Project since 2019. As an advocate for student-centered learning and personalized instruction, she has embraced innovative strategies to empower her students and foster a love for independent learning. With over 24 years of experience in the field of education, Dacia has dedicated her career to inspiring students and transforming their learning experience. Born and raised in North Carolina, Dacia developed a deep passion for history from the "rockstar" social studies when she was in high school and went on to become a North Carolina Teaching Fellows Scholar. She earned her Bachelor's degree in History Secondary Education from Appalachian State University where she majored in History Secondary Education. She has had the opportunity to teach in both public and private schools across North Carolina and has worked as a mentor for beginning teachers, a Canvas Coach, and a curriculum writer for her school district. Currently, Dacia serves as a Middle and High School Teacher at Ignite Online Academy, Durham Public Schools' first fully virtual K-12 school in Durham, NC, and has the privilege of serving as an Expert Mentor with MCP.

Beyond the classroom, Dacia enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy novels, playing video games, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. She also loves her role as mom to her 17-year-old daughter and enjoys the antics of her pets - 2-year-old husky/border collie mix Kyra, and her tailless tuxedo cat Nubblet.

Dacia Guffey has been a guest on 4 episodes.