Episode 89

Impacts of Self Pacing

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About this Episode

Toni Rose is joined by Rebecca Mason and Paul O'Donoghue to talk about how self pacing has impacted their approaches to teaching as well as their students approaches to learning, and their learning outcomes.

Outline and Show Notes

  • Meet Rebecca and Paul
  • What does self pacing look like in Rebecca and Paul's classes?
  • Revisions Paul and Rebecca made to self pacing in their classes
  • How self pacing has affected Rebecca's unique student population
  • How self pacing has affected Paul's approach to teaching and learning
  • Feedback from students on how self pacing has impacted their learning
  • Data showing the impact of self pacing
  • One piece of advice from Rebecca and Paul
  • Rebecca and Paul's goals for the end of the year and beyond
  • Connect with Rebecca and Paul
    • Paul's Venmo for his student snack cabinet: paulod33

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