Episode 16

Supporting Emergent Bilingual Students in a Modern Classroom


December 13th, 2020

43 mins 50 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

On this week's episode, we discuss strategies for supporting our Emergent Bilingual students, as well as how we can leverage the blended, self-paced, and mastery-based structure of the model to enhance literacy for all learners.

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Show Notes

Guidance on adding subtitles to instructional videos, from the Modern Classrooms Project

Learning Management System tutorials, from the Modern Classrooms Project:

Best Practices for Instructional Videos, from the Modern Classrooms Project

Social studies and reading comprehension September 2020 Fordham University study

Nearpod (Modern Classrooms Project Tutorial)

Realia for Language Learning

Explain Everything

Edpuzzle (Modern Classrooms Project Tutorial)

Gradual release of responsibility

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