Vishal Shah

Special guest

Vishal Shah is a seasoned entrepreneur and an influential supporter of startups, currently serving as the CEO of Screencastify, a leading platform in video communication and learning. With a proven track record in the edtech space, Shah founded LearnCore, a company specializing in training and coaching sales professionals, which he led to a successful exit. This experience underscores his ability to identify market needs, develop innovative solutions, and lead companies through periods of significant growth and strategic acquisition.

Shah has leveraged his insights and expertise to support numerous startup companies. He co-founded Catapult Chicago (Merged with 1871) to contribute to the broader tech ecosystem and fostering innovation across various industries. His strategic acumen and dedication to advancing technology for educational and professional development are evident in his leadership at Screencastify.

At Screencastify, Shah is driving the company's mission to be the premier platform for learning and communication globally. Under his guidance, Screencastify is enhancing the way educators, students, and professionals capture, create, and distribute video content, making learning and communication more accessible and impactful worldwide.

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