Jamilah Pitts

Special guest

Jamilah Pitts (pronounced Ja - MY - lah) is an educator, social entrepreneur, writer and yoga teacher whose work centers the liberation, healing and holistic development of communities of color. Jamilah has worked and served in various roles to promote racial justice and healing. Jamilah has served as a teacher, coach, dean, and as an Assistant principal. She has worked in domestic and international educational spaces, including Massachusetts, New York, the Dominican Republic, China and in India.

As the Founder and CEO of Jamilah Pitts Consulting, Jamilah partners with schools, communities and organizations to advance the work of social and intersectional justice through an emphasis on wellness and educator training. Jamilah is also the Founder of She, Imprints, an organization designed to support the unique wellness needs of women and girls of color through advocacy, coaching programs, curriculum design, training and wellness retreats.

Jamilah’s written work has appeared in the Huffington Post, Learning for Justice, and Edweek. She has presented to audiences of thousands of educators both within the United States and internationally. Jamilah threads her passion for human rights and social justice into her teaching, writing, scholarship and other artistic pursuits. She sees education and healing as her life’s work and calling, and truly believes that education should be an avenue through which empathy, healing and justice are promoted.

Jamilah holds degrees from Spelman College, Boston College, and has pursued additional graduate studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. Jamilah is a Woodrow Wilson National Teaching Fellow, Donovan Urban Teaching Scholar, a Fund for Teachers Fellow, and served on the Learning for Justice Advisory Board.

Jamilah’s first book - Toward Liberation: Educational Practices Rooted in Activism, Healing in Love - will release November 2023.

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